March 11, 1965 to December 1972

On March 11, 1965, Operation Market Time was created by joining the US Navy and the South Vietnamese Navy in an effort to stop the flow of supplies from North Vietnam into the south by sea.

It was a difficult and very tedious time for all the crew members; a boring and routine patrol up and down the coast, stopping vessels, sometimes at random, sometimes because they seemed suspicious.  Often times, you couldn't tell friend from foe.  Wooden junks were used to smuggle arms and supplies and they looked just like all the other hundreds of junks that had traded or fished along the coast for centuries.  Substantial amounts of arms and supplies were confiscated, but some probably made it through the "blockade" despite all the efforts of both navies. It was reported that a craft was boarded about every 15-30 seconds.  If they refused to identify themselves or wouldn't stop, they were forced to give way at gun point.  If they ran they were sunk.

According to Navy reports, Operation Market Time was very successful, but received little credit.  Eventually all the supply routes at sea became non-existent, which forced the North Vietnamese to use the Ho Chi Minh Trail.

Those  ships involved in the operation were destroyers, destroyer escorts, and MSO's.  The MSO's that participated were as follows:

MSO-426 USS Conflict
MSO-427 USS Constant
MSO - 432 Dynamic
MSO-433 USS Engage
MSO-434 USS Endurance
MSO-436 USS Energy
MSO-439 USS Excel
MSO -445 USS Force
MSO-446 USS Fortify
MSO-449 USS Impervious
MSO455 USS Implicit
MSO-456 USS Inflict
MSO-457 USS Loyalty
MSO-463 USS Pivot
MSO-464 USS Pluck
MSO-467 USS Reaper
MSO-488 USS Conquest
MSO-490 USS Leader
MSO-491 USS Persistent
MSO-492 USS Pledge
MSO-508 USS Acme
MSO-510 USS Advance

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