That’s my MSO down there; which one is yours?
It was a terribly long walk down that very short pier.
I asked myself many times did I really want to be here;
But that old wooden ship that was painted haze gray
Was my ticket to the world and I could get away.
Get away from myself and the trials of my days
We would go out to sea and that old ship would raise
She would buck and sway and slam us back down
In the foamy green brine she’d bounce all around
It was hard times at best but she always got us there
You’d think that you couldn’t even like it or care
But you did, in spite of the miserable days and the nights
That the old ship took away from you in small little bites
You prayed and you prayed to get off that trash heap
And you asked yourself why you loved that old sweep
It was hard to admit, what you really went through
Not just for the ship, but the rest of the crew.
Had all that I owned, everything that was mine
Stuck in a canvas bag, strapped over my shoulder
I spent my time there and was feeling much older.
Time had passed by much faster than I thought
I was proud of my service and what I was taught
Did I really want to leave her and just get out of here
It was a terribly long walk down that very short pier.
She’s still afloat today with her leaks and bad wood
Waiting with six others to be saved as we should
We can’t afford to forget, with a different course to steer
It will be a terribly long walk down a very short pier.
So do what you can and be proud of your ship
And join with our group for a very long trip
A trip for believers and not for the weak-hearted
It’s going to take from us all, so now let’s get started.
Author unknown….. Courtesy of Joe Colson


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